Monday, May 10, 2010

Central Asia: Rap and Hip-Hop

Sonky dowurde Turkmenistanda Rapcylar kopeldi. Rap we Hip-hop stili Tmhitste hem kopeldi.

Saytymyza gosulan taze aydymcylaryn kopisi bu iki janryn icinden gelyan aydymcylar. ZumerChas, Syke, Rude, ST, MkM bulardan kabirleri. Bularyn yanynda 2 sany gyz repci hem gosuldy - Jeyka we Marseyk.

You can feel a wind of change in Turkmenistan Rap and Hip-Hop Music.

Most of the new artists that we've added to the site are coming from these 2 music genres. ZumerChas, Syke, Rude, ST, MkM are just a few of them. Besides all these male artists, we saw 2 female artists from Turkmenistan, quite an interesting fact - Jeyka and Marseyk.

Although these new singers, don't have a lot of tracks like other popular artists, they managed to take their place among mainstream artists. On the right side of the website we've seen ZumerChas, Syke and S.T. to hold their positions under "Popular Artists of the Week" (Hepdäniň Aýdymçylary), for a few weeks now. This fact alone clearly shows their popularity among Tmhits listeners, who are mainly teenagers and young adults.

Jeýka : Ilkinji Step


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