Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tmhits Embed - Music & VIdeo on your site

Bugun aydym sahypalardaky embed kody duzettim. Indi aydym sazlary arkayin oz saytynyza gosup bilersiniz. Birje kemciligi bar - bizim logomyz embed sahypalarda gorunmeyar. Sebabi, ulanyanymyz Longtail Video Playerin mugt versiyasy; ony entak satyn alamok - 60 ewrojyk tolemeli. Indiki ay alaryn nesip bolsa.

Embed feature on music pages has been fixed. I know it wasn't working for quite a while, I just didn't have time to fix it - I've been very busy lately. BTW, when embedding music files, you'll notice solid black area - it was intended for Tmhits logo. I am currently using free version of Longtail Video flash player on Tmhits which has disabled logo feature (in it's previous version it was allowed).. anyhow.. hopefully next month I'll be upgrading Tmhits player to a full licensed version, and logos on embed pages will work.

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